Scrimmages this Saturday (4/22) @ Halifax.

Check with Rene Dion to arrange carpooling!

* Officers:

President:Rene Dion
VP: Joe Montiero
Secretary: Ken Miller

** Board Members:

Grace Williams (2/20)
Roger Cretien (2/18)
Jim Ashley (2/19)

* terms expire 2/18
** terms expire as indicated


BCUA Bylaws

Bristol County Umpires Association



ASA is now
USA Softball

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Our New Assignor is Paul Bell
(Please welcome Paul to the assigning job and do everything you can to make his job easier! Ron Andrade will be assisting Paul this year during the transition)

Summer Tournament List

Board Meeting Minutes (12/11/16)
Annual Meeting Minutes (2/25/17)

DP/Flex Rules Review
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on the Rule and its Application

Pregame Conference Checklist (pdf)

Meeting Minutes