Annual Meeting:

10:15 AM
March 4

Swansea VFW

* Officers:

President:Rene Dion
VP: Joe Montiero
Secretary: Ken Miller

** Board Members:

Grace Williams (2/20)
Roger Cretien (2/18)
Jim Ashley (2/19)

* terms expire 2/18
** terms expire as indicated


BCUA Bylaws

Bristol County Umpires Association



New Umpire Classes Begin
7 PM Thursday Feb 1 (Swansea YMCA)

BCUA Facebook Page

USA Softball Registration for 2018:
Instructions (pdf)
Umpire Manual (download)

2018 Tournament List

Board Meeting Minutes (12/11/16)
Annual Meeting Minutes (2/25/17)

DP/Flex Rules Review
Click to view a video
on the Rule and its Application

Pregame Conference Checklist (pdf)

Meeting Minutes